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Basic rules for the Legacy Challenge

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Postanidup on Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:31 am


1. Getting Started

Please remember that the challenge here is all about the way you play the game, abide to the restrictions set and achieving the goals you set for yourself. Keep to the rules to be fair to yourself and all other participants!

The idea is to play your legacy over 10 generations. So the more you play the faster you game will progress!

* You will have to start a new game to start your Legacy Challenge. Your setting must be the Normal Lifespan. You MAY NOT
  use any mods to make life easier for your sim.

* Create your FOUNDER SIM, male or female. He/She must be a young adult. You may use any custom content.
Sims 2: Pick any aspiration you want, assign personality points however you want and pick their turn ons and offs however you want.
Sims3:You may choose all 5 traits as well as their three favorite likes (food, music and color) and a lifetime want.
Sims 4: You may assign all the traits and an aspiration as you wish.

* The idea is to start the Legacy with this one and only sim. You MAY NOT create a household. The idea being that your
  founder sim must start a "new life' in the neighborhood, and that he/she starts with more or less nothing to his/her name.

* Move your founder sim onto a the biggest (50 x 50 or 64 x 64) and empty lot in your chosen neighborhood. If the lot is not
  empty, you will have to bulldoze it before you move your sim onto the lot.
If playing on a large lot may lag your game, you may choose a smaller lot, since the only reason for buying the large lots is to get rid of the money. If you choose to buy a smaller lot, you will have to find a way to give away your money, to enable you to start your family with only 1 800 simoleons in the household.

* Buy the most expensive item in the game, and put that in your family's inventory. The lot should cost in the vicinity of
  10 000 simoleons, and after buying and storing the items you bought, you should have only  1 800 simoleons left to start
  your founder's life.

* You will have to use this money wisely! You MAY NOT use any money cheats, your sim must earn his/her keep! The big
  challenge here is that you will have to improvise should you run out of money. (If you cannot afford a bath, hit the gym!)

* You will have to be careful when your sim finds a soulmate. You may only move someone into your household who will NOT add any money to the household funds. If you do, it is considered cheating.


* NO cheats, hacks or mods that give you an advantage may be used.
(Mods like adding better features to a sim may be used, or lighting mods and so forth, but mods that are aimed at making life more easy may not be used!)

* NO restarting the game after bad events. So if your founder sim dies of unnatural causes, and he/she has no heir yet, you will to start a new game. So, beware of those incidents.
If you decided your heir will be a boy, and your baby is a girl, you will have to have another child.

* The only sim that may be moved in or merged with your founder family, is the spouse. Remember though, that you are not to move in a sim who will add money to the household. If you are in the next generations, you may move out a family member, but once the member left, he/she may not be moved back in.

* Your legacy family must remain on the same lot for the duration of the 10 generations. You may build, add, demolish the house you play with, but all must remain on the lot you started with.

* You must play your family in the Normal Lifespan setting. You may not drink any potions that will extend their life. You may not bring back a sim from the dead. You may however, plead with the Grim reaper for the life of the sim.
You must play the founder/heir sim until they die.
(This unfortunately mean that for our current Legacy you will not be able to play with Vampires. We will consider a legacy where Vampires may be included later on)

* You may not change your sim's aspiration, so choose well. The only exception to this, is once the sim has completed the chosen aspiration, you may choose to have another.

* The Legacy Family is the ONLY family you may play in the neighborhood. You may move in new families into the 'hood, but you may not play them. They may be used for friends, but not for spouses if they are going to add funds to your household. If no funds will be added you may also use a sim as spouse. The safest way to go is to use a townie sim for the purpose of spouses.

* Once you have decided on the succession law for your legacy family, you may not change it for the duration of your 10 generations. So once again,. choose well before you start your family.

3. Succession Laws

This is basically the most important part of planning when you consider playing a Legacy Family. You have to make the right decision now, since you may not change it later on.

The Founder Sim will eventually die, and when that happens you will have to decide on who is to be the heir. Think of the Succession Law as the personality of your family!

For this part I am following the rules set by PINSTAR. So all credit for this is attributed to him and is wife! Please read more about them following the link added.

The Succession Law is made out of three components, Gender, Bloodline and Heir Laws. You must choose ONE option from all three components when you start your Family.


The first component is Gender. You must pick one of the following options:

* Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir unless there are no female children, at which point boys become eligible for that generation.

* Strict Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir. Male children cannot, under any circumstance, ever be the heir to the next generation.

* Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir unless there are no male children, at which point girls become eligible for that generation.

* Strict Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir. Female children cannot, under any circumstance, ever be the heir to the next generation.

* Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

* Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.


The Second Component is Bloodline law. You must pick from one of these options:

* Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

* Traditional: Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.

* Modern: Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.

* Foster: Children who are adopted are eligible to be named heir. Naturally born children are not eligible to be named heir unless there are no adopted children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.

* Strict Foster: Only Children who are adopted are eligible for the title of heir. Naturally born children may never be heir.

The Gender Law and Bloodline Law serve as a sort of ‘qualifying’ round. If either law names a child as ineligible, then they cannot gain the title of heir. However, just because a child is eligible to be named heir according to Gender and Bloodline laws, doesn’t mean they WILL be the heir. The third category actually picks the heir.


The third Category is the Heir Selection Law. You must choose from the following options:

* First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

* Last Born: The youngest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

* Living Will: The eligible child with the highest friendly relationship score with their previous-generation’s parent will be named heir.

* Merit: The child with the most fully completed aspirations will be named heir. If there is a tie, the child with the highest level in a single skill will become heir from among the children who are tied.

* Strength: The first born eligible child becomes heir by default… but the title can be forcefully taken from them if an eligible sibling beats them in a fight. That sibling may have their title taken, (or taken back) if they lose a fight to another eligible sibling.
* Random: The title of heir is randomly selected from the pool of all eligible children. Every time the eligible pool changes size, the heir must be re-rolled using the new pool.

* Exemplar: At the beginning of the challenge, name a single trait. This trait must be one of your founder’s three traits.. Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait or more than one exemplar, follow the First Born rule. If you decide to use this option. you will find the Trait Generator HERE, again with all credit to PINSTAR.

* Democracy: This rule may be used if you are displaying your Legacy Challenge in some public way. Either via Let’s Play, Livestream, blog or other format where people can leave comment. The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.

If you play your legacy in sims 2 you can use the following guideline when your child heir grows to a teenager:
When a child grows up to be a teenager, you may not choose their aspiration. You must roll a 6 sided dice to determine it.
1: Wealth
2: Knowledge
3: Family
4: Romance
5: Popularity
6: Pleasure Seeker (or pick your own if you do not own Nightlife)
(Note: Credit to Charlotte at Simscave

Last edited by anidup on Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:34 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Adding rules)
Posts : 5337
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Postanidup on Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:10 pm

Cinjan was so kind as to bring the following to my attention:

"Yes. I buy the lot with nothing on it, then use the cheat and it instantly drops my money to 1800 (or whatever I want it to be)

CTRL+Shift+C then type in testingcheats true hit enter then type in money X and hit enter again. Should give you whatever "X" is (example: money 1800)...I use it a lot to add or subtract money when I'm playing. Easier than motherlode.

Please note: this is a Sims 4 cheat. I have no idea if it will work form Sims 2 or 3."

So instead of hiding an abject in your inventory you can use this cheat (in sims 4) to bring your available money down!.

Thank you so much for bringing this under my attention.

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