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Battle of the Bands (Sims 2) - Updated May.10.2017

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Postcharmful on Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:51 am

Synopsis: This is a slice of life romantic dramedy that focuses on a handful of teens involved in the end of summer ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition in the fictional region of ‘Kashmire’. The band that wins will recieve money, notoriety, and the chance to open a real concert and break into the industry. As the summer wears on, the teens are put through trials of well… being a teenager...that could tip their fortunes toward winning or losing the competition.


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Postcharmful on Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:56 am

Nicholas Hart, all swagger and no substance, had come marching into the Laundromat after spying Illyana perched on the row of dryers as she idly waited for a load of laundry to get done. She gave him a curious frown as he entered. She didn’t think he needed to do any laundry away from home.

“So, you signed up for the Battle of the Bands then?” he casually leaned on the wall and asked.

“Yeah I did. What’s it to you?” she grinned, anticipating his annoyance.

He gave a scoff, “You know my band is playing in that gig!”

How could she not? On the last day of school the idiot had been blathering on and on about how all the girls would fall in love with him once his band won the competition. He was good at playing, she had to admit but Nick needed to be taken down a peg.

“So?” She didn’t see his problem with a little healthy competition.

“So, I thought we were friends. Why even bother trying to play?”

How could she not? On the last day of school the idiot had been blathering on and on about how all the girls would fall in love with him once his band won the competition. He was good at playing, she had to admit but Nick needed to be taken down a peg.

“So?” She didn’t see his problem with a little healthy competition.

“So, I thought we were friends. Why even bother trying to play?”

The dryer buzzed and she slid off the top of the dryer to retrieve her clothes, shaking her head at his ridiculousness. He was such a big baby sometimes. She knew just what to say to push his buttons.

“Are you afraid my band will beat yours?” She raised a brow and looked over her shoulder while pulling fresh and warm clothes from the dryer into her basket.

He gave a loud, derisive laugh, “Please, I just don’t want you to embarrass yourself. Have you ever heard  your guitar-playing? It sounds like tortured cats!”

Illyana’s expression turned cold and stony. She remembered now why she held little respect for him anymore. She shoved the last of her clothes into the basket and made her way to get out of the Laundromat as fast as she could. His words stung her more than she cared to admit, “Maybe we aren’t friends after all.”    

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Postcharmful on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:02 am

“They won’t have a full grand piano at the Battle of the Bands, Reggie. So you’ll have to get used to playing one of these” Evelyn Jane sniffed, looking down her nose at the short electronic keyboard.

Her younger brother gave a look of apprehension, there weren’t as many keys as he was accustomed to. He doubted it would sound as smooth.

It was a nice summer day and the two Orbinson siblings had driven down the coast in Evelyn Jane’s convertible to Kashmire Point, a small seaside tourist spot of the region. The boardwalk shops housed the Sand’s Music Emporium, which is why Evelyn Jane wanted to come down in the first place. She wanted Reggie to be as prepared as he could be come time to play in the competition.

She meandered back to the front and shifted through some albums, looking for anything new or that she didn’t own already as Reggie groaned and contemplated if he should buy an electronic keyboard to take home and practice on.

A familiar girl walked into the Sand’s Music Emporium then, the familiarity was a distant memory until Evelyn Jane realized who the girl was and remembered her name on the competition list as a singer for one of the other bands. Evelyn Jane knew this girl sang really well, enough to be a threat to victory. The girl asked the cashier if they had any spare microphone batteries.

“Reggie!” Evelyn Jane whispered and he leaned in to hear, “I have an idea that might give us an edge in the competition.”

“Go for it,” he advised. He couldn’t stop her anyway if her mind was set on winning. She flashed a conniving smile and turned to greet the singer.

“Leona Hillenburg!” Evelyn Jane gushed in artificial admiration and the girl turned around quite startled, trying to identify who was calling her name.

“Hello? Oh plumbobs, you’re the Mayor’s daughter!” Leona recognized the girl a bit older than her. They didn’t go to the same school but she’d seen Evelyn Jane on television during Mayor Orbinson’s re-election campaign.

“Yes, and I remember seeing you sing at the Scandalica City Music Festival last summer. What a voice! I was wondering, the Mayor’s Ball is still looking for singers - would you be interested in singing for the event?”

Leona’s smile dropped, suddenly conflicted, “The Mayor’s Ball? That’s the same day as the Battle of the Bands, and I’m already singing in that. Besides, I thought auditions were closed for the Mayor’s Ball?”

Evelyn waved her hands, unconcerned, “I could set you up with a guaranteed spot. Besides, many more prominent people will be attending the Mayor’s Ball. This is a once in a lifetime chance! Battle of the Bands happens every year.”

The Mayor’s daughter smiled and refrained from saying something along the lines of ’I know’ but held out her hand. Leona gave her an enthusiastic handshake full of gratitude and farewell before running out of the store, presumably to go tell her family and friends of her good fortune. She didn’t even bother to finish checking on spare microphone batteries from the clerk.

Evelyn Jane heard piano music from the back showroom of the Emporium and went in to find Reggie trying out the keyboard.

“So did your plan work? Is she going to sing at Dad’s Event?” he asked, not bothering to stop playing and look at her for confirmation. Of course her plan had worked.

Her lips quirked into a shrewd smile and she crossed her arms, “One thing is for sure, she’s not singing at Battle of the Bands.”

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Postcharmful on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:09 am

Tortured cats!" exclaimed Illyana Sanchez to her bandmates as they sat down for lunch at the Scandalica Delicatessen, “I can’t believe his nerve.”

Alarie Thackery, their drummer, just shook her head with amusement and Leona Hillenburg grimaced at the insult.

“Nick just needs a good kick in the shins,” Alarie chuckled. Illyana nodded in agreement.

Leona hid her face, pretending the menu was much more interesting than the conversation. She had planned to tell Illyana that she was dropping from the competition but knew the news on top of Nicholas Hart’s summation of their group’s sound, wouldn’t help Illyana’s mood one iota.

Nick had a point, though. Between Alarie’s haphazard drum-beating and Illyana’s sub-par sound of metal guitar, Leona thought their group’s sound wasn’t as top-notch as other bands. Practices hadn’t been much in helping progressing the quality.

“So what are you ordering?” Illyana asked, turning toward Leona.

“Fried Chicken,” Leona mumbled.

Illyana arched a brow, knowing immediately something was off with her friend.

Thankfully, the waitress came to take their orders and Leona was saved from giving an explanation.

The conversation wandered to music and boys–mostly between Illyana and Alarie, with Leona throwing in absent-minded nods of agreement–while they waited for food. Halfway through eating, Illyana was reminded of Leona’s change in disposition.

“Why are you so quiet today, is something wrong?”
Leona took in a breath, “You guys, I have to drop out of Battle of the Bands. I’m singing at the Mayor’s Ball that night.”

“You got a spot to sing the Mayor’s Ball?” Alarie smiled wide in surprise. Leona felt a tiny inkling of relief that she wasn’t being yelled at immediately but knew better than to hope Illyana’s temper wouldn’t boil over.

Illyana, after a brief moment of seeming dumbstruck, jumped up from her seat and angrily said, “Why didn’t you tell us this before you agreed to sing in the competition?”

Leona’s brow folded, “It just came up yesterday. I thought auditions had closed but I was just offered the gig. Please don’t be mad!”

Alarie was taking the news delightfully well but Illyana was clearly fuming, fists balled, and standing very stiffly.

“You’re giving us the shaft to sing at some dance for boring, snobby, adults?” she scowled, her voice rising and causing other patrons of the deli to take notice.

Leona stood up in defense, hand on her hip, “You know it’s my dream to be a professional singer, there will be influential people at the Mayor’s Ball. How can I pass this opportunity up?”

Illyana’s scowl only deepened, “You’re being selfish. You made a commitment to sing for OUR band.”

“It’s always been YOUR band, Illyana. You only started it to stick it to Nick anyway and he’s right–we sound like tortured cats! We won’t win anything!”

A chilly silence covered the room and Illyana and Leona could only glare at each other in contempt.

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Postcharmful on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:49 am

Nicholas Hart was late for band practice. Again.

Cypress and Orion waited for him in the upper room at Cypress’s home that they used for jamming in. Orion had wanted to start without Nick but Cypress was firm that they would start when his tardy cousin finally showed his face.

“You know,” Orion said thoughtfully and leaned in a little closer than Cypress was accustomed to, “You play the drums really good, man. Better than me even.”

Cypress and Orion looked at the drum set in front of them and Cypress gave a small, doubtful, laugh and wiped away some the jet black hair that always obscured his face, “Nah man, you’re the best musician in the whole region.”

“Here, try playing this set I wrote, it has a killer drum solo,” Orion slid to the floor and rifled through his sheet music, handing Cypress a page to look at.

After a moment Cypress nodded and took a seat at his drums, seeming to start playing from memory even though the view he had of Orion’s composition was so brief.

He slammed the bass drum with his foot, crashed the cymbals and then went into a back and forth, quick succession on the snare and toms. Orion’s smile was widening not only because Cypress was doing the solo the way he had imagined but because he also had tricked them into practicing before Nick got there.

Speaking of Nick, they heard someone’s quick steps trampling up the stairs.

“Sorry I’m late, Mom made me take out the garbage before..” Nick started to breathlessly make an excuse for being late but stopped and gaped at his cousin’s playing.

When Cypress had finished Orion stood and cheered enthusiastically. There was no way they couldn’t win the Battle of the Bands with playing like that. Nick put his hand over his heart and said “Bro, that was completely awesome! Are you playing that in the battle?”

“I could,” Cypress murmured, transferring his drumsticks into one hand and standing up before throwing them to the sofa. He looked to Orion for guidance.

Orion gave him a high-five, “Absolutely!”

Nick stood beside them and pouted, “Where’s my high-five?”

Cypress laughed and obliged Nick. Orion took his position at the electric double bass and chided, “Okay, come on, now we can start practicing for real.”

Nick took position in front of his guitar and Orion resumed the space behind his trap set. They were now ready to rock n' roll.

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Postanidup on Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:25 pm

Indeed a very interesting story!
I am looking forward to find out how they all fared at the battle.
Your screenshots are stunning.
I love how you pose the sims, and I envy you your ability to work with poses!
Great job.
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PostEaster01 on Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:56 pm


I love your story and the way you have developed your characters.

Your storyline has a bit of mystery to it which is great!



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Postcharmful on Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:20 am

@ Anita
Thank you so much for reading. There will be more chapters to come (like 30-some, but not all at once!) and the Battle of the Bands will be the finale of the story! Thank you also for the compliment on my screenshots, I have a very big pose box library and additional mods to get sims to look just right - though it is easier to take shots and then write around them than vice-versa. When I can post links I will add a tutorial on tips and tricks for getting good sims 2 shots

@ Joanne
I appreciate your comment. Glad you like what you see so far, the characters become more developed as the story continues. Thanks for reading :)
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Postszanne7000 on Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:45 am

Great story and wonderful pictures, Rachel!

It will be interesting to follow this story :D

Thank you, Crissi, for my beautiful signature <3
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Postcharmful on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:17 pm

“So what’s the plan now that, you know, Leona bailed?” Alarie asked Illyana. Illyana had stayed over for dinner and the two girls were hanging around in Alarie’s bedroom before Illyana had to leave.

Illyana’s spirit for competition had waned, and she looked blankly back at her friend. She couldn’t help but to feel a bubble of rage boil in her throat at the thought of Leona’s betrayal.

Finally, she blurted, “Well, it looks like we need a new singer. You know anyone we can get last minute?”

Alarie shook her head, at a loss for an answer.

Then, the door opened and her younger sister, Alanna peeked her head in. Alanna was often mistaken for the older of the two. She was just so responsible, smart, got all the good grades and never, ever got into trouble. Unlike Alarie.

Alarie stood up immediately, “Hey, we were in the middle of an important discussion. You can’t just barge in here!”

Alanna looked mildly affronted and put her hands on her hips, “This is my room too!”

Before the sisters could start an argument, Illyana got an idea, “Alanna, you don’t happen to sing, do you?”

The question caused Alarie to fall back into the sofa with a ridiculing snort of laughter. Alanna? Sing for their band? She wouldn’t even show her stomach at the public swimming pool much less a rock concert that would be full of people.

“Actually, I do. I sang a solo for the school choir,” Alanna admitted, but Alarie could tell there was a hint of a braggart in her sister’s tone. Typical.

She saw Illyana’s rapt expression of glee which turned into a pleading pout toward the older sister.

She couldn’t believe Illyana would be this desperate to accept Alanna’s help. Alanna was more of a choir girl than a rocker, she didn’t have the range Leona had. Most of all she wouldn’t fit in with the sound, look, or vibe Illyana wanted. Alarie knew a lot about sticks–she was a drummer after all–she could beat out rhythms with them, throw them, and she knew there was one far up her sister’s behind that was unlikely to be removed.

Alarie stood and paced, her face now contemplative and serious. Illyana’s quivering lower lip of plea was getting even more ridiculous by the second. Not to mention how wide and round her eyes became.

Alarie sighed and said curtly, “Fine. Alanna can sing for us.”

But as Illyana smiled with a new and inspired competitive spirit, the drummer turned around and made a face that told that complications were still sure yet to come with this choice.
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Postcharmful on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:23 pm

The Orbinson household had ample room for musical practice. Reggie was fond of the pure white baby grand in the living room despite knowing he had to play a small electronic keyboard at the Battle of the Bands.

Franz Schoulsberg, a friend of Reggie’s had brought his double bass and left it residing at their home to make it easier for practices. It was another smooth practice, hardly any mistakes in the piece that they played with perfect harmony; there were three solos - one for violin, piano, and double bass. Evelyn Jane was on point as ever with her violin. Franz said more than two words, which was an excellent day for anyone around him.

Evelyn knew that Battle of the Bands was expecting nothing but electronic music but this was her chance to tear down barriers and show the world that classical had a place amongst popular music.

At six-o-clock sharp, Evelyn Jane concluded practice and Reggie bid Franz farewell. Six-o-clock was also when their father, the Mayor, would return home for the evening.

“Hi Daddy!” she made sure to meet him at the door, thankful he wasn’t working late. “I need to talk with you about the Mayor’s Ball-”

“Hiya Evie, Listen, I have to go take care of some business but we can talk later, okay?” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and took his briefcase upstairs to his office.

Evelyn Jane wilted a bit, but was determined to get a word in to her father so that Leona Hillenburg could be put on the Mayor’s Ball entertainment list. It was the only way to keep her from singing in the competition that Evelyn Jane was supposed to win.

A bit before dinner she knocked on her father’s office door.

“Come in,” she heard his tired voice.

“Daddy, about the Mayor’s Ball…”

“You know, your mother is looking forward to that event. She told me she bought a new dress for it.”

“Well Mom does love an excuse to buy a new dress,” Evelyn rolled her eyes and intended to steer the conversation back to the entertainment list but they both heard a call for dinner then.

It was pork chops this time.

Their mother asked them how practice was coming along. Reggie ridiculed the musical tastes of those that electronic keyboards. Evelyn Jane waited for a good pause to bring up the Mayor’s Ball but as soon as the words left her lips her mother told her not to discuss business at the table. She looked abashed at her mother and began to protest but Noelle Orbinson gave her daughter a look that told her not to disturb the Mayor while he was eating. Evelyn Jane sawed vigorously with her knife at her porkchop and didn’t say another word about it.

Finally, the chance to get her father alone and not burdened by work, happened after dinner when he was pouring himself a drink in the living room.

“Daddy, can I talk to you about putting a singer on the Mayor’s Ball entertainment agenda?” she stepped into the room and didn’t wait for him to say yes or no. “It doesn’t have to be a whole set, just maybe one song. Hopefully, we can fit her into the nine-fifteen slot."

“Whoa, whoa, whoa there,” her father put down his drink at the bar and stopped her stream of words, “The entertainment has already been planned, there’s no time available for anyone else to take the stage.”


“You’ll just have to let your friend know maybe next year. Sorry Evie,” he looked saddened to deny her but she knew it was a diplomatic look he gave to people on a daily basis when they didn’t get what they wanted. Her brow furrowed and she left to go to her bedroom and didn’t bid him good night.

It wasn’t until she was in her pajamas and ready for bed that a new idea struck her on how to maneuver events the way she needed them. She snuck into her father’s office and took a few sheets of his official stationary, then went back to her desk to try and copy his handwriting, practicing a few times in her school notebooks until she could forge his flourishes.

She had to prevent Leona from singing at the Battle of the Bands any way possible.
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Postcharmful on Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:56 am

Nick and the boys found themselves at Jerky’s Arcade and Comics store on Saturday. It was a quirky little shop with neon wallpaper that sold comics and video games. Nick went to buy a new video game. Orion and Cypress came along to see who between them would get the highest score on pinball this time around.

As Nick was having the cashier ring up a new copy of Spore, they heard the door to the store open and turned around to find none other than Illyana Sanchez and Alarie Thackery.

Illyana stopped rigid for a moment and then bore a glare right at Nick, seeming to ignore Cypress’s wave of greeting.

Nick knew the reason for her glare. He felt a little bad for comparing her music to sounding like tortured cats the week before, but he quickly wiped away any guilt and stood up straight, ready for any of her tantrums.

She marched right up to him, as he expected. Illyana had always been a little firecracker, it was almost kind of cute.

She put a hand on her hip and continued to glare. What did she expect? An apology? No way.

Orion looked a little worried at Illyana’s targeted ire but Cypress was acting casual as usual and moved over to check out some comics. Nick hadn’t ever told them how he insulted her after he found out she had signed up for Battle of The Bands.

He folded his arms across his chest and smirked, “So I heard your singer left you. When can I get you a sympathy card for your loss?”

Her glare grew deeper and she threw her hands into fists, nearly threatening to punch his shoulder, “For your information, Nich-ol-ass, we have a new one and she’s going to be our secret weapon in beating you!”

Nick flinched a bit and put his arm to his shoulder just in case she did try to hit him. It wasn’t unheard of.

Orion shuffled off to the side with Cypress to look over the comics and avoid being involved in the scene taking place.

Illyana quickly grabbed Alarie and put and arm around her friend, “Did you think we would crumble so easily? We’re made of solidarity. You can’t break us!”

Nick just narrowed his eyes, still with a hint of a smirk–not taking her completely seriously. She was so melodramatic sometimes. She threw him another glare before brushing past him and to the video game display.

He didn’t try to re-engage her but instead went to the back room where the arcade was. There were two pinball machines and two old school arcade games. Orion and Cypress had moved back there during the confrontation with Illyana. They had already started up a game of pinball and Orion was winning. As soon as Nick was back there and the girls were out of hearing range they all broke out speaking at once, wondering who Illyana’s ‘secret’ weapon of a singer would be.

“I don’t know of anyone better than Leona Hillenburg,” Orion mused.

“What if she’s from outside the region?” Cypress wondered.

“Then she wouldn’t be eligible,” Nick reminded him and inserted two coins into the other pinball machine to play a solo game.

“Well, I think it’s still a long shot for her band. We have something better than a singer, we have Cypress!” Orion gestured toward Nick’s cousin.

Cypress humbly shrugged off Orion’s compliment like he always did.

Nick rolled his eyes, oh yes, how could he forget his drumming prodigy of a cousin? Cypress didn’t even take the competition that seriously, just showed up when he was told to and played drums.

After Orion won the pinball highest score, Cypress moved onto the one of the arcade games for single player. Nick joined in on the other game next to him, and Orion watched with admiration as Cypress pressed out a rhythm on the buttons of the game and he didn’t even know it. Orion was sure they would win with so much talent.

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Postcharmful on Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:02 am

Leona was worried.

It had been a week since she had seceded from the band, but in that time she was given no additional information about her upcoming performance at the Mayor’s Ball. She had a few songs picked out but had not gotten any phone call nor any mail instructing her further of what to do.

“Why the glum face?” her father asked her as she sat in the townhouse’s kitchen by herself.

“Well, I gave up on the band and it’s been a week and no one has contacted me about going to the Mayor’s ball!” Leona all but unloaded her troubles and then covered her face while panic exploded in her chest, “What if I don’t end up being able to sing at the event? Then I will have lost out on any opportunity to sing in front of people! I would have ticked Illyana off for no reason!”

Her father put a comforting arm around her shoulder, “Have you tried talking to Illyana?”

He knew his daughter’s stress was more than about singing. There had been an instant silence between her and her best friends for a straight week. She hadn’t responded, proving she had not talked to Illyana, so he persisted, “Maybe you should call Illyana and explain things now that she’s cooled off?”

She took in a steady breath to calm her nerves and nodded, “Okay.”

It took three rings before Illyana answered, “What do you want?”

Leona was surprised Illyana had checked caller ID before answering. That meant she was screening calls.

“H..Hi…I just wanted to say I didn’t handle the news about singing at the Mayor’s Ball well. Sorry I just dropped it on you like that…”

“It’s fine,” Illyana interrupted curtly. “We got someone else to sing.”

Leona’s brain took a second to process that news, “Wait, who? Are they good? Do they know our songs?”

Was she so easily replaceable? It seemed Illyana had wasted no time, and had not even considered asking Leona to reconsider? The thought that Illyana wouldn’t even try made Leona a bit sad.

“They’re my songs, because it’s ‘my’ band remember? You said so yourself,“ Illyana snapped a bit harshly, obviously still bitter over the whole situation, “Anyway, I have to go, Iago is home from school and we’re in the middle of playing poker. Bye.”

Iago was Illyana’s older brother. He seemed to be silently laughing as she rejoined them at the poker table, “Who are you mad at now?”

He knew his little sister to have an unparalleled temper.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she mumbled and re-took her seat.

Downtown, Leona held a phone in her hand that was ‘beeping’ because the line was cut off. That could have gone a lot better. Leave it to Illyana to hold a grudge, and now Leona was probably just as bad as Nick Hart in Illyana’s eyes.

Leona hung up the phone and went to the mailbox for the second time that day. She had been obsessively checking it every morning the past week. To her surprise, there was an envelope in there - not a regular bill or coupon.

She took it out and it read ‘Miss Leona Hillenburg’ with fancy calligraphy and she felt her anxiety transform to joy.

At least something was going her way that day.

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Postanidup on Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:43 pm

Lots of things happening between the youngsters.
somehow I am getting the feeling that things might just turn out better for Leona, than the others!
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PostEaster01 on Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:58 pm


omg!  Leona has been soooo set-up by Evelyn Jane for a major heart break.

It makes me sad that people have to cheat. She even wants to change the type
of music she will play for the contest which is electronic to classical. And, she
will get her way, cheater always win - at first.

Your story weaves a thread of drama with several different groups of people.
I love it!



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Postszanne7000 on Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:48 am


There is so much happening and I am super, super GLAD to be out of High School! lol

Thank you, Crissi, for my beautiful signature <3
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Postcharmful on Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:59 am

Suzanne your comment has me :rofl301:

But no joke, I am glad to be out of HS too! Though it's fun revisiting the drama in a story (though my HS drama was never as big as this)

Anita and Joanne, thank you for your comments as well. I will have more to post this weekend :)
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Postszanne7000 on Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:02 am

hehehehheh, Rachel!

It has been many years since I was there, LOL!

Thank you, Crissi, for my beautiful signature <3
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Postcharmful on Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:46 pm

Reggie could tell his sister was scheming again.

In fact, that was just Evelyn Jane’s default personality. It was entirely obvious to him she was scheming because she had pulled her hair into pigtails and was wearing a rather low neckline that their father would have made some not-so-subtle coughs of disapproval at if he had seen her leave the house like that.

She had driven them to Mocha Chip Coffee Shop, a popular coffee chain throughout the region. It was not the usual place they went for their afternoon caffeine buzz.

“I take it we’re here for more than just coffee,” Reggie deducted in a dry tone.

“Shaun Piper frequents this place,” Evelyn Jane explained in a fierce whisper. To anyone, her response wouldn’t have made much sense but it was all Reggie needed to hear to understand his sister’s intentions. He made a semi-disgusted face and looked away.

His heart made a little flip flop.

Perched on a cushy chair, next to a stack of books, sat Alanna Thackery. He hadn’t seen Alanna all summer despite them living in the same quiet island town of Isla Del Kashmire. Alanna was one of the most intelligent people he had ever had the pleasure of meeting and found out this fact as her chemistry partner their freshman year of high school.

Abandoning his sister to her scheming, he smiled and made his way down to Alanna to greet her.

“Hey Alanna,” Reggie approached, causing her head to jerk up from her book and look at him.

Evelyn Jane watched the front door carefully until an older gentleman entered. He wore a slick, purple shirt, with matching glasses. He looked quite grumpy and she decided she would wait until he got his coffee to speak to him.

Shaun Piper was the standing maestro of the Kashmire Symphony based in Memosa Bay. Extremely talented and substantially wealthy, he was a former professional piano musician and violin player and he was more than an idol to her. She grew up playing violin, and attended the symphony programs with her parents and had seen his work conducting and had even played some of his original works. He also happened to be a judge for the Battle of the Bands.

She took out her lip gloss and applied it generously.

Seeing it was her former chemistry partner, Alanna smiled warmly and set her book on top of the pile next to her and stood, “Hello Reggie, it’s nice to see you!”

He couldn’t help but to match her smile and think the same.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you here before,” she indicated around the sunken room of the cafe, full of bookshelves for patrons’ leisurely reading.

He shrugged, “My sister dragged me over. I think she has this half-baked idea to butter up one of the judges for Battle of the Bands who frequently comes here.”

He ended his words with a small laugh as if it were a ridiculous notion but no laughter reached Alanna’s eyes. She looked concerned.

He quickly changed subjects, “So do you come here often?”

He nearly choked on his words right after they left his mouth, realizing he sounded like a common moron trying to hit on girls with lame pick up lines. It wasn’t his intention to hit on her at all.

“Maestro Piper, what a pleasure it is to see you here,” Evelyn’s voice cut smoothly, impatiently over the din. He had put in his order and the Barista was working on it. The elder man took pause before turning to face her, giving her a long look up and down with intrigued consideration.

“You have me at a disadvantage young lady,” he said with an arched brow.

“I’m Evie-” she said and smiled brilliantly.

“Sir? Your coffee…” the Barista made to interrupt but the symphony conductor was too distracted by the young woman to notice.

Alanna’s smile returned and she leaned against the unoccupied chess table of the cafe den, running her hands along the carved wooden border. Reggie would have loved to play chess with her but was busy trying not to let the red into his cheeks.

“Often enough,” she answered while, it seemed, was too polite to laugh outright in Reggie’s face for his caddish words. Some kind of relief prickled through him when he detected a bit of flirtation in her tone.

“I’m a big fan of your work, especially the violin concertos you wrote. They are absolutely exhilarating to play,” Evelyn Jane’s smile continued to illuminate her face, masking the typical calculated stares she had fixed into her green eyes. One smile was all it took to convince unsuspecting victims that she was as innocent as an angel.

The Maestro looked sincerely flattered but that was because Evelyn Jane, for once, was sincere in her words of flattery.

The hope that Alanna Thackery was actually flirting with him caused the color to ebb in Reggie’s face and he took a more assured stance. He was Reginald Orbinson, son of the mayor, why was he so intimidated at the thought of asking her out? He liked her, and she liked him well enough. He crossed his arms and cocked his head, “Say, do you want to get dinner tomorrow night?”

Alanna stood a bit straighter, nearly gaping at him before a regretful expression crossed her face, “Sorry Reggie, I…can’t. I’m involved in an activity and my group is meeting tomorrow night to…go over things.”

He had never heard her speak in such a choppy and vague manner. It sounded like an excuse to not go out with him for dinner. But he didn’t want to press her; he could take a hint. He lost some of his confidence, visibly deflated.

Alanna’s eyes darted to something behind him and she gave him a small apologetic smile, “I have to go. It was good to see you, Reggie.”

Suddenly, he felt hands on his shoulders and heard his sister’s gloating, sing-song voice behind him, “Shaun Piper wants to hear me play violin!”

He couldn’t care less what Evelyn Jane had done to win over Shaun Piper’s favor at that moment; all he could feel was a bitter disappointment as he watched Alanna walk away.
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Postcharmful on Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:53 pm

Alanna’s voice sang but her mind was distracted. It was noticeable.

Her sister, Alarie, shouted over the crashing cymbals of her trap set, “I know you can sing louder, and don’t slur the words together because it sounds like something completely different.”

Alanna squeaked out a quick apology and Alarie counted off again on her drumsticks. It was their first practice together and Alanna was trying her hand at the songs Leona once sang.

At the same point in the music, though, Alanna slurred the words again and then stopped singing entirely with a face full of defeat. Something was bothering her.

Illyana sighed and stopped strumming her guitar. She narrowed her eyes at Alanna, “What’s wrong?”

Alanna bit her lip, internally struggling whether or not she should pass along a concerning issue she had heard the day before. She put the microphone on its stand and turned to them.

“I think the competition is being rigged,” she finally said.

Alarie came around and took a seat on the front drum, folding her arms in concern, “What do you mean? How?”

“I think Evelyn Jane Orbinson is bribing the judges.”

“Is she even in the Battle of the Bands? I didn’t think she liked rock and roll,” Illyana’s voice dripped with acid.

“It’s a closed list, so we wouldn’t know who signed up,” Alarie shrugged

“Nick knew that we entered,” Illyana pointed out

“That’s because on the last day of school, you told me to drop a hint to Nick that we were competing,” Alarie reminded her. “And we knew Nick and his band were signed up because Nick went around bragging about how he was going to win it as soon as sign-ups were announced.”

“I bet Evelyn Jane used the ‘politician’s daughter’ card to look at the list,” Illyana spat with contempt. She was not a fan of Evelyn Jane ever since Evelyn Jane called Illyana ‘pedestrian’ for wearing jeans with holes in them back in junior high.

Alanna felt a shiver run down her spine. She nearly forgot Reggie and His sister were the children of the Mayor of Kashmire, but she remembered quite clearly Illyana’s rant explaining why they needed a new singer in the first place. Leona had dropped out because of a sudden opening for a singer at the Mayor’s Ball.

“Did Leona ever say how she was given a spot at the Mayor’s Ball?” Alanna asked slowly, a realization dawning on her.

“No, she just betrayed us without a second thought,” Illyana frowned.

“Do you think…maybe…that Evelyn Jane told Leona there was an opening? To get her to drop out of the competition?”

The other two girls paused with stricken looks on their faces before Alarie shot up with her fists balled and a few choice swear words about Evelyn Jane’s character.

Illyana stiffened and then turned away with an astonished scowl before demanding, “We need to take a break from practice and get to the bottom of this.”

She nearly stomped out of the practice room and into the sisters’ bedroom where there was seating.

The Thackery sisters followed, finding Illyana had pulled out one of their desk chairs and was sitting stiffly and looking annoyed. Alarie took a perch on top of the night stand and Alanna sat herself on the sofa with her hands folded across her lap.

“Alanna, how did you find out she was bribing judges?” Illyana asked after a moment of pondering and crossed her legs, leaning forward inquisitively.

Alanna’s cheeks colored at the thought of revealing her discussion with Reggie, but there was no way to avoid mentioning him.

“Reggie Orbinson casually mentioned something about it when I saw him yesterday at the coffee shop.”

“Does he know you are in our band now?”

“No, I didn’t tell him.”

Illyana’s pondering expression grew deeper.

Alanna couldn’t help but to notice her sister take on a wide, knowing smile at seeing her blushing.

“So what else did you and that pretentious tool talk about?”

“Reggie is not a tool!” Alanna raised her voice fiercely to defend Reggie, and to the surprise of both girls. Her cheeks deepened in color and she took a breath and continued in an even tone, “and…he asked me to go to dinner with him.”

“No way! Did you accept?” Alarie’s eyes were wide with disbelief. To think, someone as haughty and snobbish as Reginald Orbinson would take interest in her little sister.

“If I had, I wouldn’t be here now.”

Alarie raised her brows and exchanged a knowing look with Illyana.

“No, oh no, I know what you are thinking and it’s not happening,” Alanna stood to interrupt their silent conniving.

“Come on, it wouldn’t hurt to get some information from him as long as he doesn’t know your involvement with Battle of the Bands. Obviously Evelyn Jane, that prissy snake in the grass, doesn’t know you have replaced Leona either. Just ask him if you could go to dinner tomorrow instead,” Illyana reasoned.

“I’d be using him though. It’s deceitful!” Alanna objected.

“SO? Take a look at who his sister is and he practically hangs out with her all the time like a minion. He doesn’t have any of his own friends.”

“Franz Schoulsburg is his friend!”

“Okay, but he’s still having one-sided conversations in any case,” Illyana took a jab at the fact Franz hardly ever spoke. “So I bet he’s dying to get some stuff off his chest. Ask him out to dinner, I bet he’ll say ‘yes’ and then you can get him to tell you all the sordid things Evelyn Jane has done to this competition and why.”

“Plus, I bet he’ll try to kiss you,” Alarie teased and Alanna just covered her face in mortification and flung out her arm to shoo her elder sister away.

“Pleeeeeaaaseee Alanna? You could help us get rid of corruption in the competition.” Illyana pouted pleadingly.

Alanna sighed. She was secretly very flattered that Reggie had wanted to go to dinner. She had always thought him a very proper, if not a little pompous, young man with good taste. He was a good conversationalist and was a great at chemistry. His jokes were of the intelligent caliber, and she appreciated he didn’t resort to crude humor like most of the boys at school.

“Fine, I’ll send him a message,” Alanna acquiesced and sat down at the computer to start composing an email. She had only sent him a hundred over the year when they were partnered for class, a seeming endless email thread about electron counts and formulas. This one would break that subject and begin a whole new one.


Sincerest apologies I could not attend dinner with you tonight. I would like to suggest going to dinner tomorrow evening around 6:00 pm, if your schedule allows. You can pick the place!

Look forward to hearing your answer,

Alanna T.”
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Postszanne7000 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:20 pm


The intrigue is getting deeper and deeper...

Thank you, Crissi, for my beautiful signature <3
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“Must be laundry day,” Cypress noted with a laugh nodding at Orion’s attire. It didn’t escape anyone’s notice that Orion had a favorite shirt and seemed to wear it days on end. But not today. He was sporting a regular striped shirt with a collared one underneath.

The guys had been jamming at Orion’s house sans Nick again. Nick always seemed to be getting in trouble and grounded in the evenings which severely limited his practice time with the rest of the band.

Luckily there was enough raw talent between Orion and Cypress to carry on without their guitar player.

Cypress was a constant guest of the estate, being Orion’s best friend since they were in elementary school. Orion’s family consisted of a legacy of musicians and they practiced in the music room which held at least three guitars, the bass, and an extra drum kit that Cypress used because it was impractical to haul his trap set from house to house.

Orion just smiled with a roll of his eyes before closing them and deftly plucked out a line on one of the bass strings.

It was nearing sundown when they decided to stop and retreat to Orion’s room to hang out and listen to records. It was one of their favorite things to do.“What did Nick did this time?” Orion wondered aloud after putting a Pink Floyd vinyl on the spinner and took a seat on one of the speakers.

He knew that Cypress, being Nick’s cousin, would probably have the details.“Well you know, his grandma just died,” Cypress indulged in answering the query.“Yeah…that was sad, I gave my condolences.”

Cypress’s mouth quirked upward slightly in amusement, "Well Nick was supposed to give his Uncle a poem to read at the funeral and he instead gave him the lyrics to a Marilyn Manson song.  Aunt Harmony was really pissed.”

Orion winced, imagining the confusion of the mourners. Then his wince turned to a bit of worry since the competition was less than two weeks away, “So any word when he can make it back to practice?”

“Probably Saturday, unless he does some other stupid thing that gets him in trouble,” Cypress answered. They had known Nick since they were kids and Nick couldn’t resist a prank or a challenge. He never thought things through either, and seemed surprised his actions had consequences.

Cypress leaned forward and pulled one knee up to his chest and bobbed his head slightly to the song as it was ending, “Man, this song is so good.”

Another thing Orion admired about his friend was that Cypress was so very chill. He didn’t get stressed out or worried about life and just seemed to float along like a piece of dandelion in the wind, and took in grace whatever was thrown at him.

“The next one is even better,” Orion turned the music volume up and hopped off his seat on the speaker. He held out his hand for Cypress to take.

Cypress grabbed Orion by the forearm with a raised brow, and Orion pulled him into a stand. They were about the same height. Orion seemed only a bit taller because of the way his hair stuck out.

“It’s still pretty good,” Cypress mused, referring to the song. He slowly released his grip on Orion’s arm but Orion caught his hand and held onto it; Orion didn’t know why it was inexplicably different than the other times he grabbed Cypress by thee hand, but it felt nice.

Cypress was looking at their hands in a perplexed manner, before looking to Orion for an explanation. He was used to Orion grabbing his hand to pull him this way and that to show him places and things but Orion never lingered like this before.

“I…”Orion’s voice was suddenly croaky, his throat tightening. He met Cypress’s gaze and he could swear his heart started beating harder than before, probably hard enough Cypress could feel it through their fingertips.

The hand in his went from relaxed to rigid and before Orion could explain himself, Cypress had yanked his hand back and held up the opposite, blocking Orion from any kind of advancement, “I better be getting home.”

Orion could feel his whole body slump in disheartenment. He hadn’t meant to weird Cypress out, but lately his feelings for Cypress seemed to be evolving. He had always been passionate about music, and for some reason seeing Cypress play drums as he did…it had awoken something in his heart. He just hoped he could suppress the feeling enough to not ruin the dynamic of his band, or even worse, lose him his best friend.

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Reggie could not take his eyes off her.

She didn’t seem to notice how much he was staring, ever since they had met up at the Metro Museum of Modern Art for dinner. The Museum had a small restaurant on the top floor, and Reggie planned they could eat and then look at some art together afterward.

He was pleasantly surprised that she had sincerely wanted to have dinner with him. After her evasive exit from the coffee shop, he figured she didn’t want anything to do with him outside of school.

He didn’t specifically call their outing a ‘date’, but the way they were both dressed indicated it was something more or less of one. He had brushed his dark hair so that it wasn’t sticking out at any weird angles, wore a pair of nice khaki slacks and a blue button up shirt. She had done something different with her hair from it’s usual braid, and she was even wearing heels. He’d never seen her wear heels before.

Alanna continued to look through her menu. She hadn’t said much since they sat down. So he only stared, waiting for a chance to compliment her.

After the waiter came to take their orders, Alanna smiled politely at Reggie and he blurted, “You look great tonight.”

Her smile faded and she took a sip of her water, before answering, “Thanks.”

He couldn’t help but to have that heat rise in his cheeks again, feeling like his compliment was all wrong. If her reaction was any indication, it was. She was beautiful, but she was so much more than a pretty face. She was intelligent, talented, kind, and had a good sense of humor.

In class, they would fire up conversations about science, philosophy, art, and other interesting topics. But now she was so quiet and contemplative. He hoped he hadn’t upset her.

They ate dinner with minimal conversation. Mostly because it was rude to speak with a mouthful of food. The communication between them thinned to just looks, nods, and smiles regarding the quality of their meals. He tried to give her a bite of his prawns but she politely turned him down. She did let him steal a bite of her pork chop though and gave a small laugh at him for it. At one point, her hand was so close to his that he considered lightly caressing it, but lost his nerve.

As soon as he paid the bill, he thought for sure she would just leave and call it a night, but she asked, “Do you know if they still have the exhibit on paint-spattering?”

“Yeah, its downstairs in the left wing,” he felt himself smile in relief that she wasn’t leaving just yet, “Want to see it?”

She nodded.

They considered the various paint-spattered canvases on the wall in more silence. Reggie’s thoughts often wandered to Alanna and he couldn’t help but to stare at her again. What was she thinking?

“What do you think?”

She blinked a few times rapidly, “It’s chaotic.”

“But there can beauty in chaos,” he said and smiled at her.

She returned the smile and they continued to look at art.

As the evening slipped by they seemed to become the only patrons left at the museum. They were halfway between the art nouveau and metal wall hanging exhibits when Reggie asked, “So, how was your group?”

“What?” she asked, a bit startled as if she had been interrupted while in the middle of thinking of a solution for an intense chemistry equation, though all she was doing was staring at a sheet metal design hanging on the wall.

“The group you had to meet with last night. What exactly is it for?”

“Oh…” she sighed, “It’s for…music appreciation.”

He felt himself grin, he didn’t know she had an interest in music. He would have to play piano for her sometime. Maybe he could write a song for her.

“What kind of music do you like?”

“I’m a fan of many genres. I think jazz is my favorite, though. There’s something really smooth and soothing about it.”

He felt a volt of electricity at her words, which sent his heart racing. Jazz was his favorite kind of music too! He had to stifle a laugh, thinking that they had so much chemistry together after being chemistry partners.

“Speaking of music,” Alanna said, seeming to brace herself, “Why was your sister trying to ‘butter up’ one of the Battle of the Bands judges?”

“What?” he laughed, caught off guard.

She played with the hem of her shirt, breaking eye contact, “Yesterday, you said she was trying to that…with a judge who frequented the coffee shop.”

He remembered what he had said, but didn’t know why Alanna did, “Evelyn Jane will do anything to get what she wants.”

“What does she want?”

“To win.”

Reggie felt awkward talking about his sister’s ambitious nature on a date, well not an official date, rather a cultured excursion with a girl he was very much interested in.

“I like to win too,” he added, hoping his words would make her think him ambitious too. Girls liked that didn’t they?

She gave a light laugh and leaned in closer to him, as if sharing life advice, “Well no one wants to lose now do they? Saying you like to win is like saying ’I breathe air’ or something else equally as obvious.”

Reggie all of a sudden caught a glimpse of the girl he had been chemistry partners with as she shook her head in amusement. This was Alanna Thackery.


She turned and regarded him with a raised brow, waiting for him to finish his thought.

“I like you,” he gestured toward the whole of her, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. This was the moment of truth, “Your are the most amazing girl I have ever met.”

He could plainly tell she was surprised as if she couldn’t believe him. Her eyes were round, her mouth slightly agape before she realized it and snapped it shut.

She sat down on a nearby museum bench, looking dumbfounded. He smirked, secretly loving this effect he had on her, and took a seat next to her to pretend to study the same wall hanging and give her time to absorb his admission. Then, he felt her breath on his ear; it sent goosebumps up his arms. She was cupping her mouth as to share a secret with him, “I like you a lot too.”

What happened next Reggie couldn’t begin to explain, maybe it was just instinct but all he knew was that Alanna felt for him the way he did for her and his heart was on fire.

He stood abruptly, pulled Alanna close and kissed her, and kept kissing her until they were backed into a corner of the museum and stayed that way until closing time.

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Postanidup on Tue May 02, 2017 11:43 pm

Your story is getting very interesting now, Rachel. I like how it progresses, and how you capture the sims.
You brought in an unexpected twist in the story.... and I am looking forward to see what is going to happen next!

PostGast on Wed May 03, 2017 3:03 am

me too.. It is Super fun done by you Charmful '' you Rock it too!!  

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