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TS4 Oasis Springs

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PostChicklet45368 on Mon 26 Jun - 14:37

Hi All!

I have never, not once, opened up Oasis Springs in Manage Worlds. Never wanted all that desert!

But, that's a huge world tho!

So, I just went on a house downloading spree and needed some lots to view these houses to choose from so I entered that world.

The first lot I went to was green, and normal looking, next house I placed the lot and surrounding area was all desert like.

Since, I know that Suzanne will probably know because she's the download queen of all things Sims and her bulging Mods folder can attest to this! LOL ...... is there a mod out there somewhere that will make ALL the lots in Oasis Springs have grass? Sorta like the mod you posted for the tropical beach, where it's been repainted?

I saw an over-ride that showed the "green" lots for the map view, but I'm interested in the actual world when you're playing it to be green?
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Postszanne7000 on Mon 3 Jul - 15:32

Hi TJ,

No, I have not seen a mod that will make Oasis Springs lots all green...


...there is a mod by plasticbox that will remove all the extra props.

...I do use industrisims (kiwisims), Zerbu, and k-hippie for all terrain, rock, and road replacements though.

The upper, just left of center lots are green lots (more expensive desert area like Palm Springs); the rest are all definitely just desert lots.

You can certainly add terrain paint grass - you know how So Cal treats grass, LOL and they even do that in Palm Springs... I cannot imagine their water bills, heheheheh... other words, it would not be out of place, even if the lot is surrounded by desert sand and dirt.

The problem in ts4 is that the world itself is not editable. The stage prop objects can be removed (plasticbox's mod to remove those from Oasis Springs as an example - modthesims), and terrain, rocks, and roads can have their textures replaced, but the actual rest of the world/neighborhood areas don't seem to be the same (at least not right now).

There have been several requests for this type of thing on several different forums; to date, no one has seemed to come up with a way to fill those requests.

Thank you, Crissi, for my beautiful signature <3
Resident Artist
Posts : 1283
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PostChicklet45368 on Mon 3 Jul - 18:20

TYSM Suzanne! I knew you'd know. And, even tho it's not the answer I wanted, deep down I knew you'd tell me no. LOL ..... that's another ding against TS4 for me, not having the ability to change neighborhoods or worlds as they call them. Or to add more, there's not very many lots, and what is up with that one world that has like one lot all the rest are inanimate things, not even community lots, they're just there. Like vampire world only has 4 lots, why did they even bother? lol
Tech Guru
Posts : 4095
Thanks : 313
Awards : Bought us a coffee!

Postszanne7000 on Mon 3 Jul - 19:22

You do have Zerbu's venue mods, right?

You can use those to change the type of lot and that will add some variety to the larger neighborhoods for you <3

It's something :D

Thank you, Crissi, for my beautiful signature <3

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