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Whats new?

TS4: Unique wood walls by TaTschu

TS4: Ontario by Lovias

TS4: Wood Floor Tiles by Tilly

TS4: Stone Floors by Tilly

TS4: Paving Stone Floors by Tilly

TS4: Designer bathroom walls by TaTschu

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TS4: Rug RC's by TaTschu

New story by Joanne Easter

TS3: Jack Daniels Set RC's by poppy100

TS4:Exo the war poster by iCedxLemonAde

TS4: Autumn decor set by Chicklet45368

TS4: Ceiling Roses by Anidup

TS3: Painting RC's by Poppy100

TS4: Towel Cape RC by iCedxLemonAde

Jordana's bits and stuff 2017

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Junior Member
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Postjordana on Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:43 am

On this set has made me turn gray. I just couldn't get it right to what I pictured. Then the blanket gave me fits, then something else etc etc etc, omg now the last piece the rug makes me cringe so I have to redo that ughhhhhhhh !!!! This is a goth bedroom another character inspired bedroom. Called Izzy's bedroom. Hopefully it will be out this week. Sneak preview. The record rug is not mine

Resident Artist
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Postpoppy100 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:12 am

I think it's wonderful what you have done''  jordana!  autumn2

thanks for your lovely siggie Crissi  hugsmilie 
Junior Member
Posts : 375
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Total Awards : 2

Postjordana on Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:32 pm

Thanks Anneke, I am fixing the rug today and hopefully have it already today as well. :thy:

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PostEaster01 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:40 pm


This is a great set! I love your design ideas.

I hope the rest of it does not give you a hard
time so you can post it. I'm excited to see the
final pics.



Tell Me A Story Album:  Here
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Postanidup on Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:28 pm

I am looking forward to the final set Jordana!
It is great to see you are creating again.
Junior Member
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PostRanapeach on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:09 pm

Great set Jordana, love the Ouija board desk!
Resident Artist
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PostChicklet45368 on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:05 pm

Jordana - It looks smashing so far! And, hang in there, I know first hand how wonky recoloring in TS4 can be with shadows and shading and all sorts of odd things we didn't have in the other games! And, I think the Ouiji board desk is absolutely brilliant! Way to go!
Posts : 29
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PostStefsAnatomy on Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:27 pm

Lovely so far! Can't wait to see more!

I am who I am. Your approval is NOT needed.

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