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January Challenge: Decorate a Kitchen Task and Entries

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Postanidup on Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:29 pm

January Challenge

You have been asked by a friend of yours to help her design the layout for her new kitchen.

You have carte blanche on the style and color of the kitchen. And she gave you an open budget...YAY!!

You are provided with a floor plan, which you have to adhere to. But, you can change the position of the doors and windows.
You should have at least two doors leading from the kitchen, one outside and one into the rest of the house.
One wall must have two windows. It can be any size.

Here is some inspiration for you.

Your floor plan:

Please read the guidelines before you post. You will find them at the top of this thread.

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PostLadyAngel on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:08 am

Okay, I hope this is the kind of thing you are looking for...if not, please feel free to blast me! summerB11

It's for Sims 4. I decided to do that as you can upload rooms, not just lots, to the community gallery. It's not my best work, but I'm going to be super-busy setting up a business this month, and I really wanted to enter this challenge! I'll be uploading it to my site at some point, if anyone's interested.  hellowave

There's no custom content, and I decided to use the little room as a kind of larder (if anyone remembers those!!).

Sim Fans UK:
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PostRanapeach on Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:41 am

Sims 4 entry - Kitchen Challenge

This was quite a challenge, at first it seemed like a simple task, but the build/space made it quite challenging.  I've wanted to use this blind ever since I got it, but it never quite fit a color scheme, so this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate it (My oldest daughter would say these are "Old Lady" colors, LOL).  I enjoyed the challenge very much Anita, thank you so much!  I hope you all enjoy my kitchen.

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Postbirgitz on Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:28 pm

kitchen entry - Sims 2.
Hi, I thought I could build a kitchen. I really enjoyed the other entries. I hope, you like my kitchen.  pinkflowers

Here's my kitchen:

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PostBroomhilda on Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:10 pm

OMGosh I finally did you want clutter you have clutter :rofl301:
The kitchen is the only thing done..
I made that 3x3 into a storage area

I used an arch for the second door into the living room I hope that was ok..

This is what the whole house looks like and I plan on fixing it up as's a 2bath, 1bed, laundry room, living room, hallway, kitchen and storage area..for the inside

Time for a Spring Siggi lol
Thank you so much Crissi, it's beautiful
~hugs and smiles my dear, dear BFF's~
I am so proud of all of you..
Friends call me Sam(F) or Broomie or Broomhilda

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PostLadyAngel on Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:49 pm

Okay, I have no idea what the reception will be to this latest addition, but all of the kitchens here are so lovely, I thought I'd go the other way! Here goes...

The outside of the house may give you a hint as to what is inside, so if you have a weak constitution, you may not want to enter!

Sim Fans UK:
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PostBodaccia on Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:12 pm

Hello all! Okay, so I have agonized over this post. I have never really shown anyone besides Suzanne any of my builds, as I am not very artistic or tech savvy. But I so love The Sims, and I love building. I have finally given my self permission to love a thing even if I'm not good at it. It's okay.
    I have torn it down and started over more times than you can imagine. Changed the color scheme, and even the location lol. Then as if that weren't enough, when I went to post I realized that I had misunderstood the window requirements and had to do that over-which then led to new curtains bc previous ones were the wrong size. Grrr!
    So here is my Kitchen. I built it for my friend Crystal. She inherited her aunts house, and while charming, it's not exactly overflowing with modernity. This is my attempt to modernize & bring the Kitchen into the 21st century without creating something completely at odds with the rest of the house. I anxiously await your feedback. Thank you so much. Bodaccia (Phil).

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PostTahoe on Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:25 pm

Here is my entry (TS2)
I chose to do a laundry in the small room short-term kitchen.

Thank you Crissi for the beautiful signature

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