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Sims 4 lacking gameplay features of previous games.

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Junior Member
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Postsimmingmajik on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:56 am

i personally miss a few things from sims 2 and 3 in sims 4. I feel like previous versions i.e. 2 & 3 built on one and just mostly added gameplay features. With 4 i found myself going back and playing 3 for the first few months because there just wasnt even enough out to beef up the new game to want to play it. For example no cars i saw a post about that so obviously other folks agree on that. How about the washing machines not being part of the original game or even the parenting features found in 3's generations pack not existing in this game. Like i liked being able to give my kids chores and work on homework with them or ground them. Also like the life events it brought about like wanting to sneak out as a teen or prom and graduation. The biggest thing i think to me is the inability to change colors and patterns of clothes and furniture in the game like you can with 3... i think that feature sparked my interest into ccing even though i did not know thats what i was doing through the sims 3 community online. Totally know it is why i looked into the youtube tutorial on modding and adding cc to my game. So i guess my question is anything yall truly miss from previous versions??? sorry i know i totally rambled haha and i honestly hope yall do too in your replies!!! id love to know all the quirks for yall too
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PostChicklet45368 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:19 am

For me, hands down, TS3 had the best "gameplay". There is so so soooo much more to do. I've only "played" TS4 a handful of times, and got bored with it within 1/2 hour. Although I create for TS4, I'm currently enjoying TS3 again. I reinstalled it and organized my downloads and have been having so much more fun decorating and actually playing.

There's just too much to list that I miss not having in TS4! And, I'll probably never, ever like TS4 tbh. I don't like the way the game looks. It's too bright and cartoonish for my tastes. Reshade helps a lot, but that doesn't help with the retarded color differences when 2 identical objects are side by side but one is a little further from the light. And I hate the exaggerated ginormous shadows of things on the wall. I don't know about you, but in my RL, I may have a slight shadow on one side of a wall object depending on the way the light hits it, but not a dark blobby 3 inch black shape around it

Now, ask me what I like about TS4 that I wish had been in TS3. LOL
1. The ability to freely raise and lower objects, not just wall objects
2. The search function
3. The ability to enlarge/shrink items

I can deal without having those things with the help of shiftable OMSPs, and OMSP resizers and Collections but it sure would have been easier if those were in TS3!

Forum Boss
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Posttilly on Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:35 am

I really miss beach lots, like those in Sims 2. I loved that sims could swim, and the waves lap against the beach. You could even build a lot in the sea, if you used the right cheats. I have got used to sims 4 and I do like it, but like TJ, i dont like the cartoony graphics and the lighting.
Junior Member
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PostMayetra on Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:57 pm

I refuse to buy an EA games at this point. EA has done a lot of shady things over the years. My Sims 2 game was never officially patched because of SecuRom.  This goes beyond The Sims.  There was a huge uproar over microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2.  Looking at Sims 4, I see the same thing there.  You got a base game and expansions that have been gutted of what once were standard features and for an extra fee, you can have them in your game.  They started that in the sims 2 with small extra stuff, like the Spooky set.  

I dropped over $200 just to buy the base game, expansions and stuff packs for the Sims 2.  I refuse to be forced to buy the base game, expansions and stuff pack, which are now more expensive, only to find that standard game play items have been removed.  Then be forced to pay extra just to get them back. This is a mircotransaction.

EA went on record saying they support mircotransactions, even after the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy. The game was highly anticipated but suffered poor performance because gamers finally got angry.

I am personally taking a stand. I won't buy or support EA any longer.  I know most people are like "whatever" but I'm old enough to remember when you bought a  game and you owned it.  You could put it on as many PCs in your house as you wanted (non-online MMO type games).  You could reinstall it as many times as you like without having to purchase a "key".  You weren't forced to spend additional amount of money for things that should be standard game play.  New stuff packs were actually new items that you hadn't seen before.  Every time you pay for standard game stuff as "extras" you are encouraging EA to continue to do it.  It's a real catch-22 because at the end of the day, we just want to play with our digital peeps and build pretty things.
Resident Artist
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PostFreeasabird on Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:39 pm

The thing I miss the most is probably the beaches in Sims 2 oh and the fact that I can play without origin desperately trying to connect to the net. I pull the net plug when playing 4 and shut origin down, it does still work even though they tell you it won't. :-)

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