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How to upload a forum gift

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How to upload a forum gift Empty How to upload a forum gift

Post by tilly Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:23 pm

How To Upload A Forum Gift

- To upload a gift to our Member-gift section you must upload your RAR/ZIP files to a media-hosting site such as Mediafire or Sim file share.

Links put through Adfly, or similar, will be removed.

-Please dont upload to

-If you need an invite code to sim file share, please send Tilly a PM.

-You need to link your download back from there, using "insert a link" button above (adding the URL and then your text, usually "DOWNLOAD")

- Start a new thread in the proper section; Meshes/Recolors/Lots etc,

- Include at least 2 pictures of your gift. Houses should have a minimum of 10, max 15. Any more, please link to a album such as Flickr. (max picture size 800  pixels in width)
(If you need help finding a place to host your images please try Photobucket or imgur)

-To add your pictures, please get the direct link from your image host and click on "insert image" above.

-Please leave a space between photographs.

-Centre all posts, using ctr a and then clicking on "align centre" above.

-Don't forget to mention what meshes are needed and credit the creator. Please state if these are included (read the policy of the original creator please)

-We would appreciate if the gifts you upload here are exclusive to this forum. (This doesn't mean they have to be)

-Your gift will be approved right away but if we find that not all of the rules are being followed,we will remove it (giving you a chance to edit it and, if so, it will be put back in the Gift section. BUT if its something too inappropriate like spam or inappropriate pictures - we will remove it and ban the user behind it).

Uploading Houses:

-Please remove all unnecessary files from your upload.

-With sims 2, you will need to remove all unused recolors using clean installer.

Uploading Sims:

-A sim must be packaged with FSF (File Share Friendly) items only.

-You may show pictures of your sims using other items as a kind of "serving suggestion" but these items may not be included in the package.

-Please show a picture of the sim as packaged with all included custom content listed and proper credit given to the creators.

Uploading Recolors:

-If you would like to upload a recolor, please include the mesh if the object is FSF (File Share Friendly). This can be found in the creators policy or tou. If you can not find this information then you will need to contact the creator and receive their permission to share their creation. You can also just add a link back to the original mesh somewhere in your post.

Thank you! We cant wait to see your goodies!

Tilly, Crissi, and Anidup - Administrators

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How to upload a forum gift Empty Re: How to upload a forum gift

Post by szanne7000 Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:33 am

Thank you for posting this, Lisa :D

How to upload a forum gift Szanne11
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How to upload a forum gift Empty Re: How to upload a forum gift

Post by prayingdove32 Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:02 am

summerB11  Thank you, for your tutorial Tilly. :polarhug:

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How to upload a forum gift Empty Re: How to upload a forum gift

Post by Gzmakyz Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:33 pm

victory thank you

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How to upload a forum gift Empty Re: How to upload a forum gift

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