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TS4 Modern Beach House

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TS4 Modern Beach House Empty TS4 Modern Beach House

Post by IvyRose Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:37 pm

I have another new lot for you, this one is totally CC free all items are EA.

I have all Ep's, SP's, GP's and I have the recent update that includes the new items plus the toddler update.  As always if you do not have all of the packs installed items will be missing however you can always download the house from the Gallery unfurnished and decorate it in your style.

A modern beach house with 4 bedrooms, 2 are ensuite plus a family bathroom. The bedrooms are decorated for a teen girl, a young adult male, parents room and a guest bedroom. The guest room has an ensuite as does the master bedroom. On the ground floor there is an open plan kitchen with a wall in pantry (this could be turned into a laundry when the new pack arrives, there is a dining area off of this and a glass wall with waterfall separates this fro the family room. Under the stairs is a study area and a ground floor bathroom, a large media room with ample seating for watching films on the big screen TV.

There is a small balcony upstairs to sit and enjoy the view and an infinity pool is on the ground floor patio area with barbecue and dining area.

09-24-17_4:07:38 PM

09-24-17_3:58:54 PM

09-24-17_3:46:55 PM

09-24-17_3:47:13 PM

09-24-17_3:48:01 PM

09-24-17_3:48:17 PM

09-24-17_3:48:47 PM

09-24-17_3:49:00 PM

09-24-17_3:49:21 PM

09-24-17_3:50:01 PM

09-24-17_3:50:30 PM

09-24-17_3:51:14 PM

09-24-17_3:52:32 PM

09-24-17_3:53:10 PM

09-24-17_3:53:43 PM

09-24-17_3:54:29 PM

09-24-17_3:55:12 PM

09-24-17_3:54:45 PM

09-24-17_3:55:35 PM

09-24-17_3:55:52 PM

09-24-17_3:56:11 PM

09-24-17_3:56:29 PM

09-24-17_3:56:57 PM

09-24-17_3:57:28 PM

You can downloadHERE
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TS4 Modern Beach House Empty Re: TS4 Modern Beach House

Post by Broomhilda Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:43 pm

Oh Nikki stunning house, I love, love this house..great job girl.. f

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TS4 Modern Beach House Empty TS4 Modern Beach House

Post by rachel1606 Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:58 am

I love beach houses!

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TS4 Modern Beach House Empty Re: TS4 Modern Beach House

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